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Red weevil pheromone vials are available at the Coconut Development Officers (available at your nearest Agrarian Services Office), at the Regional Manager Office of the Coconut Cultivation Board and the Crop Protection Division of the Coconut Research Institute.

Coconut Research Institute has made a recommendation using palm/vegetable oil and sulphur mixture for the control of coconut mite. Growers can easily prepare this mixture and spray it on to the young coconut bunches using a modified knapsack sprayer from the ground. By using this mixture, more than 90% of the coconut mites are killed while making no/less harm to the biological control agents of the coconut mite. You can obtain more details on how to prepare and spray this mixture from the advisory circular No. 02 of Series B (link) of the Coconut Research Institute.

Predatory mites are being mass produced at a laboratories island wide and it is expected to establish 11 more laboratories in near future. Predatory mites that are mass produced in already established laboratories will be released in to selected grower fields. Please contact the Crop Protection Division in Coconut Research Institute for more details.

Monocrotophos is not available at the market now because it is banned. Hope to release it very soon after the trials of new formula.

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