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Research Divisions

Agronomy Division

Increase the productivity of coconut lands on a sustainable basis and the profitability of coconut farming through the development of appropriate technologies.

Crop Protection Division

Synthesize and supply of pheromone vials for the control of Red Weevil

Economics & Agribusiness Division

Generation of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management knowledge to meet the challengers of the coconut industry.

Genetics & Plant Breeding

Develop and supply coconut growers with cultivars capable of producing higher yields with greater tolerance to biotic an abiotic stresses

Plant Physiology Division

Introduce new technologies and provide technical guidance and information to stakeholders.

Coconut Processing Research Division

The mission of the Coconut Processing Research Division is to increase the income from coconut by improving the quality of the coconut products.

Soils & Plant Nutrition Division

Develop cost effective technology for the maintenance of nutrient status of coconut palms and other associated crops by the application of inorganic and organic fertilizer.

Tissue Culture Division

Supply of embryo-cultured Dikiri coconut plants to growers at a nominal rate.

Technology Transfer Division

Build an effective interaction among stockholders, researchers and extension personnel in order to facilitate the development.


Support achieving the institutional goals by providing an effective.

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