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Tissue Culture Division

Improving quality of planting material of coconut through in vitro technologies.


Development of in vitro technologies for clonal propagation, dihaploid plant production, exchange and conservation of germplasm for crop improvement.

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Current Research

Induction of somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in ovary derived callus
In vitro and biochemical approaches to investigate somatic embryogenesis and tissue culture responsiveness in coconut
Identification of new explants for vegetative propagation of coconut

Major achievements

Development of a protocol for in vitro plant regeneration using unfertilized ovary, a novel and promising explant for clonal propagation of coconut, for the first time in the history of coconut tissue culture.
Development of a protocol for production of dihaploid plants via coconut anther culture for the first time in the history of coconut tissue culture, a major breakthrough towards the production of pure lines for hybrid coconut production.
Through germplasm exchange program, importation of mature embryos of 28 exotic coconut varieties from India, PNG and Ivory Coast and raising the plants in vitro and finally establishing them in the field for future breeding programs.
Establishment of 4 field trial of ovary derived clonal coconut plants and confirmation of their genetic fidelity with the use of molecular markers.
Development of cryopreservation protocols using mature embryo and plumule as a measure of long-term conservation of coconut germplasm.
Development of a reliable embryo culture technique for coconut and propagation of Dikiri coconut through embryo culture technology to supply of true to type Dikiri coconut plants to growers at a nominal rate.



Dr. V R M Vidhanaarachchi

Head of the Division

Mrs. S P N C Jayarathna

Research Officer

Ms. M T N Indrachapa

Research Officer

Technical (Research)

Mrs. T R Gunathilake

Experimental Officer

Ms. P G K Perera

Experimental officer

Mrs. R M S S Rathnayake

Technical Officer

Ms. K A D R C Kodikara

Technical Officer

Non Research

Mrs. R M K G S Dissanayake

Lab & Field Assistant

Mr. J A S L Jayasinghe

Lab & Field Attendant

Ms. K P A Sanjeewani

Lab and Field Attendant

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